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Funding Our Legacy
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Honors & Awards

The Richfield Spartan Foundation is proud to support a variety of honors and awards recognizing outstanding achievement in our community. Over the years we have continued to expand the number and value of the awards distributed due to the generosity of individuals and sources such as the Desmond Foundation and the Patch Foundation.
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Against All Odds Award

The Against All Odds Award is presented to a Richfield High School graduating senior, regardless of GPA, who has demonstrated the values of perseverance, fortitude and determination to overcome significant challenges. Previous award winners include:
2009: Analy Hernandez-Xochipiltecatl
2010: Jonathan Filzen
2011: Samantha Lowe
2012: Jared Noonan
2013: Stephanie Chavez-Estrada, Aunrika Tucker-Shabazz, Bishar Yusuf
2014: Elizabeth Pipkin, Brandon Dejvongsa, Oladele (Dele) Oridota, Edwin Quinon, & Reyna Chuate-Linares.
2015: Any Senior: Qian Chen, Son Nguyen, Hemant Persaud, Jomira Ramales-Martinez, & Dolma Tsering. Athletic: Leah Boldt

2016: Any Senior: Keja Berry, Jordy Chavez-Estrada, Raeme Cheatham, Rachel Hadges, Edgar Juarez Lopez, Jenny Llapa, & Keiaria Smith.

2017: Antonio Maddox, Kidist Kika, Sharon Amegee, Yesinia Salazar, Evan Ekholm, Tram Lam, Daisy Montano-Aguilar, Jacqueline Sanchez Vidal, Chatovanaya Walters, Alexis White

AAO - First Generation College Award

AAO - Community Technical College Award

This award is presented to an RHS student who will be a part of the first generation to attend college.
This award is presented to an RHS student who will be attending a community / technical college in the metro area.
2014 Award Winner: Dominique Hammonds and Tung (henry) Hoang
2015 Award Winner: Ibelizet Domingues, Abigail Knipp, & Stacy Randolph
2016 Award Winner: Judith Dominguez, Steffanee Jogdeo & Tenzin Tseten
2018 Award Winner: Parbate Rammandon, Ashlyn Jones, Yeabsira Haile, Sabeena Jagdeo (First Generation College, Steve Grindland Memorial Scholarship).
2014 Award Winner: Brian Ballinas Mendez
2015 Award Winner: Tatiana Salmeron Fuentes & Rayan Hashi
2016 Award Winner: Sonia Boyer & Valerie Sifuentes
2017 Award Winner: Martin Gana Hernandez & Mariela Jara
2018 Award Winner: Mikaylka Hallow-Tyler
2018 Award Winners: Tenzen Tseten, Breanna Wendland, Bernice Mamana, Francia Figueroa Manterola, Amelia Amundson, Caitlin Cumigad, Tenzen Dekyi (OZ Mullerleile Memorial Scholarship), Ashlyn Jones (RHS Alumni Memorial Scholarship).