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The Legacy Fund

The Spartan Foundation board has accepted donations in total of $610,000 to date. Major donors include the Desmond Foundation, The Lindstrom Family, The Seeler Family, The Lindgren Family, The Schuveiller Family, The Spooner Estate, The RHS Class of 1960, and The Patch Foundation just to name a few. We greatly appreciate our generous supporters.

The Spartan Golf Tournament net profits have over the past 30 years allowed the Spartan Foundation to distribute over
$440,000 to requests consistent with our Mission Statement. It is the Spartan Foundation's belief that we can do more.

It is the dream of the Spartan Foundation that with increased awareness, additional contributions will be provided by interested patrons. To this end, the Spartan Foundation has created a separate endowment fund, the Richfield Spartan Legacy Fund. The principal of these separate donations will be segmented in a single investment account. The earnings will be used to fund additional scholarships and to-be-determined projects.

How to Participate:

• Designate the Richfield Spartan Legacy Fund in your personal memorials.
• Include the Richfield Spartan Legacy Fund in your estate planning.
• Make the Richfield Spartan Legacy Fund part of your charitable giving.

You can also donate via PayPal at the button above or via the NetGiver app on your smartphone.


Contact one of the listed Spartan Foundation Board Members or send your donation to:

The Richfield Spartan Foundation, Inc.
c/o Stuart Lindgren,
Richfield Spartan Foundation Treasurer.
16231 Ringer Road,
Minnetonka, MN 55391.

Steve Lindgren, Board Member: 952-884-5497. Email.