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2019 Program
The Richfield Spartan Foundation is proud to support a variety of honors and awards recognizing outstanding achievement in our community. Over the years we have continued to expand the number and value of the awards distributed due to the generosity of individuals and sources such as the Desmond Foundation and the Patch Foundation.

Top Scholar Award

The Top Scholar Award is presented to a Richfield High School graduating senior who demonstrates strong academic achievement, leadership and community involvement. Applicants must rank in the top ten percent of the senior class.
2019 Award Winner: William Voigt, Linh Trang
Previous winners.

Against All Odds (AAO) Award

The Against All Odds Award is presented to a Richfield High School graduating senior, regardless of GPA, who has demonstrated the values of perseverance, fortitude and determination to overcome significant challenges.
2019 Award Winners: Mumtas Mohamed, Brian Contreras, Mayowa Dowu, Yuleima Aguilar Garcia Previous winners.

AAO - First Generation College Award

This award is presented to an RHS student who will be a part of the first generation to attend college.
2019 Award Winner: Diem Tran, Francine Legba, Estefania Gonzales-Ramirez. Previous Winners.

AAO - Community / Technical College Award

This award is presented to an RHS student who will be attending a community / technical college in the metro area.
2019 Award Winner: Destiny Ross, Katherine Reyes Garcia. Previous winners.

Athena Award

The Athena Award is presented annually to the outstanding female senior athlete based on excellence in individual sports or for participation and accomplishments in team sports.
2019 Award winner: Phoebe McCartan
Previous winners.

Tom Spooner Award

This award is presented annually to the outstanding male senior athlete who demonstrates outstanding achievement in athletics, citizenship and academic excellence. The award is named for Tom Spooner, a Richfield High School athlete, who died from leukemia in 1959 and personified these criteria.
2019 Award Winner: Joel Schaefer
Previous winners.

Arts Award

This award is presented to an RHS student who has been actively involved in either Band, Choir, or Theatre.
2014 Award Winner: Keenan Barbar

AAL (Athletic) Award

Athletic / Academic / Leadership ward - This award honors students who are not only top athletes, but leaders within their high school as well.
2019 Award Winner: Dawn Jamison, Thomas Kimmes, Tenzin Woeser, Eric Gil Rosas, Aaron Zambrano-Vega, Dawn Jamison,

AVID Award

This award is presented to an RHS student who has been an AVID student all 4 years of high school. AVID's mission:
2015 Award Winner: Aretzy Ramirez & Alyson Wendland
2014 Award Winner: Keenan Barbar

Desmond Family Foundation Scholarship

The Desmond Foundation came to fruition through the hard work and perseverence of John & Janet Desmond who founded Tom Thumb Donuts, an institution at the Minnesota State Fair dating back to 1950. Its purpose is to engage in causes which help people who have overcome adverse situations. In  partnership with Normandale Community College, The Desmond Foundation participates in the Spartan Foundation's "Against All Odds" scholarship. This award is presented to an RHS student who have excelled academically and athleticly and will be attending Normandale Community College.
2019 Award Winner: Maggie Bui
Previous Winners:

Russ Schuveiller Memorial Scholarship

Russ Schuveiller was a member of the RHS Class of 1960. Even after his insurance business thrived, he never forgot where he come from. After Russ' passing in 2014, the family created 2 scholarships in his memory, to be awarded to the male and female student who has demonstrated outstanding achievement in three areas: athletics, academics, and leadership.
2019 Award Winner: Evynn Hall, John Dominic Poyatos
Previous Winners:

RHS Alumni Scholarship

Open to any senior who contributed to the success of the school and community. It honors the memory of former RHS students and faculty. Sources of these memorials are Bob Collison and Jim Hare, former Richfield coaches and faculty members. And Paul A. Schmidt, class of 1983.
2019 Award Winner: Mikah White
2018 Award Winner: Ashlyn Jones

Oz Mullerleile Memorial Scholarship

Given by family of OZ, a community member who was an outstanding supporter of RHS activities with a special love for athletics – male and female.
2019 Award Winner: Demetrius Coleman
2018 Award Winner: Tenzen Dekyi

Steve Grindeland Memorial Scholarship

Given by RHS class of 1972 for a FIRST GENERATION college student in honor of Steve, their classmate who never had the opportunity to attend college.
2019 Award Winner: Maria Valdez
2018 Award Winner: Sabeena Jagdeo

Bob Tripanier Memorial Scholarship

Given in honor of Bob, a former RHS graduate, class of 1965, and a devoted Spartan ever since. This award goes to a senior who also is devoted to RHS. 
2019 Award Winner: Katherine Urzua Parra

Distinguished Service Award

This award is presented to recognize individuals who have have unselfishly given their time and resources for the benefit of Richfield youth.
2014 Award Winner: Tom Ulmer & Robert Small
2010: Russ Schuveiller
2011: Ernie and Jean Lindstrom

They Made a Difference Award

This award is presented to recognize individuals who have a made a significant difference in the Richfield community and the Spartan Foundation.
2012: John and Peggy Hamilton
2011: Warren Anondson, Fran Kiedrowski, and Adler Strandquist

Team of Distinction Award

This award is presented to Richfield sports team that has not only shown the values of teamwork off the field but on the field as well. Previous winners.

"Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishment toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results." - Successories
2015: 1963 Football Team, the 1971 & 1972 Baseball Teams, and the 1975 Gymnastics Team.
1965 RHS Baseball State Champs - Undefeated (25-0)
2011: Women's Fast Pitch - State Champs 1992

Richfield Athletic Hall of Fame

The Athletic Hall of Fame was established in 1991 to honor players, coaches and community leaders making a significant contribution to Richfield High School athletics. Since its inception, 138 individuals have been inducted consisting of 112 athletes, 21 coaches and 5 community leaders. Nomination forms for prospective inductees can be obtained from the Athletic Director at Richfield Senior High School. The following is a list Hall of Fame inductees sorted by year of induction and includes each individual's year of graduation or years of service:
2015: Coach Marc Hamren, Coach Pat Burns, Molly Ramm 2000, Ryan Schrick 1994, Bruce Kottom 1975, Casey Johnson 1993, Troy Jutting 1982, & Community Leader Steve Lindgren
Coach Larry Hendrickson, Andy French 2003, Matt Scanlon 1996, Bill Stark 1972, Tracy Vitols 1989
Previous Winners.