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Tom Spooner Award

This award is presented annually to the outstanding male senior athlete who demonstrates outstanding achievement in athletics, citizenship and academic excellence. The award is named for Tom Spooner, a Richfield High School athlete, who died from leukemia in 1959 and personified these criteria. Previous Tom Spooner award recipients include:
1957: Larry Molsather
1958: Dick Schubbe
1959: Doug Carlson
1960: Bill Davis and Marty Richardson
1961: Bob Werness
1962: Jim Mitchell
1963: Tim Wheeler
1964: Mike Sadek
1965: Barry Bishop
1966: Doug Edmonson and Tom Kiedrowski
1967: Scott Stein and Doug Schindler
1968: Doug Kingsriter
1969: Mark Flanders and Steve Cook
1970: Robert Slonski
1971: Larry Habegger
1972: Chuck Viskocil
1973: Doug Goebel
1974: Steve Bender
1975: Doug Nelson
1976: Mike Voelker
1977: Brian Holt
1978: Paul Franzmeier
1979: Dan Lerom
1980: Scott Schuveiller
1981: Randy Westlund
1982: Ivan Zubar
1983: Paul Gisselquist
1984: Bill Krohn
1985: Mark Hollingsoworth
1986: Dan Palmer
1987: Jeff Ziebol
1988: Steve Holman
1989: Chito Arcilla
1990: Jason Janu
1991: Amos Casey
1992: Hai Le
1993: Casey Johnson
1994: Mark Holman
1995: Paul Scanlon
1996: Nate Ashmead
1997: Neal Gambaiani
1998: David Ashmead
1999: Charles Case
2000: Joe Pavelko
2001: Ta Ho
2002: Patrick Akpaette
2003: Wade Vrieze
2004: Stuart Lindgren
2005: Tate Quale
2006: Dustin Driefke
2007: Trevor Olson
2008: Will Neilsen
2009: Renard Robinson
2010: Corey Fitzgerald
2011: Zak Beaudet
2012: Max Hamilton
2013: Duncan Pederson
2014: Obsa Ali
2015: Marcus Voigt
2016: Tommy Fallon
2017: Patrick Voigt
2018: Connor Swetala
2019 Award Winner: Joel Schaefer

2020 Award Winner: Nicholas Gustafson

Honors & Awards

The Richfield Spartan Foundation is proud to support a variety of honors and awards recognizing outstanding achievement in our community. Over the years we have continued to expand the number and value of the awards distributed due to the generosity of individuals and sources such as the Desmond Foundation and the Patch Foundation.
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