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Athena Award

The Athena Award is presented annually to the outstanding female senior athlete based on excellence in individual sports or for participation and accomplishments in team sports. Previous award winners include:
1973: Marlene Carlson
1974: Jean Gooding
1975: Patti Soderberg
1976: Cassie Olsen
1977: Sherry Case
1978: Cindy Carlson
1979: Carol Amos
1980: Kim Case
1981: Tracy Hyde
1982: Renee Dahlk
1983: Paula Chell
1984: Mindy Grafing
1985: Beth Anderson
1986: Jackie Kawiecki
1987: Brenda Paszkiewicz
1988: Tracy Herington
1989: Laurie Palmer
1990: Missy Miller
1991: Kris Lindstrom
1992: Michelle Erickson
1993: Sharen Luze
1994: Vicki Poehler
1995: Mandy Engberg
1996: Ann Mathews
1997: Rachel Ekholm
1998: Angela Grengs
1999: Leah Zarn
2000: Molly Ramm
2001: Katie Freeman
2002: Rachel Wallis
2003: Jenna Weinberg
2004: Katherine Flynn
2005: Nikki Jensen
2006: Sarah Kabes
2007: Shelby Savage
2008: Lisa Klass
2009: Pamela January
2010: Stephanie Skoog
2011: Kelsey Metz
2012: Bryann Guyton
2013: Jessica January
2014: Kinya Gilbert
2015: Emaily Christian
Mariah Wendland
2017: Jordan Skof
2018: Abigail Stok
2019 Award winner: Phoebe McCartan

2020 Award Winner: Hanna Hintermeister
2021 Award Winner: Bella Jurewicz

Honors & Awards

The Richfield Spartan Foundation is proud to support a variety of honors and awards recognizing outstanding achievement in our community. Over the years we have continued to expand the number and value of the awards distributed due to the generosity of individuals and sources such as the Desmond Foundation and the Patch Foundation.
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